Thursday, February 26, 2009

About Me

Landscape photographer, Flinders Ranges

My name is Pamela Inverarity, and I've been a professional photographer as of late 2007.

I've bitten off a big bite of this career and I'm chewing as hard as I can. It's been a completely DIY project and I'm learning as I go. It can sometimes be scary, but also really rewarding.

I now have a gallery of some pretty nice landscape photography which is popular with the locals, a professional award, some happy portrait customers (including some dogs, a cat and a horse) and even a wedding for which the shots turned out rather well, all in a remote town in the dusty north of South Australia.

I'm not on the road to fame and riches yet, but all in good time. :) Meanwhile, you are welcome to visit my website for a look at my work - First Light Gallery I have an exhibition coming up later this year but more on that later...

The idea of this blog is to share my photography tips and techniques, starting with some basics of landscape photography. Coming soon, tutorial 1, Getting it all in Focus

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